Saudi Culture Mission:

1: What is the operations timing of Saudi culture mission office?

Saudi Culture  Document Submission time is 9: 30am  to 12:00 Am and document receiving is 2:00 pm to 3:pm.They are closed on Saturday and Sunday and on Friday they don’t Submit  your  Documents only you can receive documents which you already submitted.

2: Is Saudi Culture office deals other than Degrees?

No, Saudi culture office deals only with Higher Education like Graduation or Masters etc.

3: Can I Attest my private Degree from Saudi culture office?

No, any degree which you acquired privately which means you was not regular student of that course they will not attest.

4: Can I attest my Distance learning Degree from Saudi culture?

Any degree which you acquired from distance learning like virtual university or Allama Iqbal Open  University will not be attest from Saudi Culture.

5: Can my relative or blood relation can get my degree attest from Saudi culture?

He cannot if he don’t have authority letter from concern Person whose degrees he wanted to attest or only authorized Agent can get your degree attested .

6: Can I can get my degree attest from Saudi culture without university  verification letter or Bonafied letter?

No, You should have verification letter from concern University that you was a regular student  or bonafied student  of that University.

7: Can I attest my degree if My name on some documents are not same or I have Spelling mistake?

No, Your name should be same on your all documents otherwise they will object your case.

8: Do I need Original Passport at Saudi culture?

Yes, You need Original passport which you will show at the time submission .

9: Do I need transcript with degree for attestation?

Yes, you need to attach Transcript as supporting documents whether it’s attested from HEC or not it’s not a problem.

10: How much time it takes Saudi culture for attestation?

Saudi culture will take 7 working days for attestation.

Saudi Embassy:

1: After attestation from Saudi Culture Do I need to attest from Saudi Embassy?

Yes, After Saudi culture you need to attest your Degree from Saudi Embassy.

2: Can I myself Go to Saudi embassy and attest my documents?

No, Saudi embassy doesn’t deal directly with the people because of security concern and other issues so you need to give it some Agent.

3: How many days Saudi Embassy it takes for Attestation?

Saudi Embassy takes 2 to 4 workings days for attestation of your documents.

4: Can I attest my MRC alone from Saudi Embassy?

No, MRC with original Nikhanama will be attested from Saudi Embassy. So it will attest two documents;

  • Orignal Nikhnama
  • MRC

5: Can I attest Birth certificate from Saudi culture?

Yes, you can attest Birth certificate with its translation so it will be two documents attest from Saudi Embassy.

6: Can I attest school leaving certificate from Saudi culture?

Yes, you can attest your school leaving certificate from Saudi Culture.

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