B-Form Attestation from Saudi Embassy

B-Form Attestation from Saudi Embassy-KSA Embassy-Saudi Culture-Pakistan

B-Form Attestation from Saudi Embassy/Saudi Culture

B-Form Attestation from Saudi Embassy is slightly different from attestation/verification of birth certificate from Saudi Embassy. Difference between Birth Certificate and B-Form is that B-Form will be issued by NADRA and birth certificate will be issued by union council. B-form will be completely in Urdu language which is not understandable for the saudi embassy/consulate, that’s why we have to translate that B-Form in English and Arabic. (B-Form Sample Attached)

Procedure of Attestation/Verification of B-Form from Saudi Embassy/Consulate

  • First of all, translaltion of NADRA issued B-FORM in English and Arabic.
  • These both papers (B-Form +Translation of B-Form) will be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Then these both papers will be dispatched to Saudi Embassy for Attestation/Verification.

Supporting Documents

  • ID card copy of husband
  • Passport copy of husband
  • Iqama copy of husband
  • ID card copy of wife
  • Passport copy of children

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